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About Us

When you buy the cheat, our loader will make a unique module for you upon purchase, meaning Valve cannot signature detect us as each customer has their very own unique version of it. This makes our cheat 97%-99% undetectable by VAC. After you have bought, simply download our loader and start cheating!

Additionally, our cheats utilise external technology to interfere the least with the game. This gives us an edge compared to competitors, who mostly use internal technology, where threads, hooks and injection can be detected. This is not possible with external.


In the future, we will make lots more features. We are currently working on a Skinchanger. We are open to suggestions, however, so if you want something, make sure to let us know on the forums.

Full Feature List

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CS:GO External Features

Glow ESP

Control the flow of the game. You can see your enemies through walls, meaning you can change your decisions based upon the enemies' moves. This ensures wins. There is also a vis-only mode.

Triggerbot & Magnet

When someone peeks, this will automatically shoot for you, given you are holding down the 'E' key. In the future, this will be customisable. This ensures kills on other cheaters and good players.

Glow Chams

Some people don't like walls. We get that! With glow chams, and regular chams, the enemies become more visible as they are a brighter color. This increases your reaction times.

Radar Hack

If you aren't very good at hiding walls, Radar Hack is the next best option. This means you can see where they are on the in game radar, meaning you are less likely to trace them through walls.


Spraying accurately is one of the hardest things to master in CS:GO. With the RCS cheat, it becomes too easy to win gun-fights as you can never miss a spray.

Humanised Aimbot

Void Realm has one of the most humanised aimbots which has been released. It even works on Faceit Serverside. No other cheat uses the same technique of smoothing, which considers multiple factors of aim.



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